Angselius Rönn


Kampanjer vi är extra stolta över.

Vi hjälper bolag att gå från att vara förhoppningsbolag till förväntansbolag. Våra kunder utmanar och omdefinierar branscher, och strävar efter att bli stjärnor på globala marknader. 

Delningsekonomins expert - Airbnb

Att etablera en Thought Leader
- att förändra en hel bransch.

att bli rik på rätt person

PR- och rekryteringssucé för IT-bolaget Consid.

qlik och Valsajten Intelections

 Valsajten som gav en djupare analys av detaljerade opinionssiffror. 


branschledande inom hållbarhet

Lundabolaget som har vuxit till en världsledande aktör inom nätverksvideo.

Social Business

Franmtidens digitala arbetsplats, Projectplace.


Working alongside AngseliusRönn to bring imaginative stories to life is a true delight. They take an idea, flip it around and make it bigger and bolder, without losing that personal touch which Airbnb is all about. Angselius Rönn truly ‘get’ us, and have continuously delivered invaluable guidance and great results. As a cherry on top of that, they’re simply the nicest of people.
— Anne Sofie Kirkegaard, Communications Manager, Airbnb

Out of all agencies around the globe, Angselius Rönn constantly distinguishes itself and is without a doubt one of Qlik’s best PR agencies. Its ambition is world-class and the commitment and passion is a CEO’s dream. The results it delivers are extremely impressive, but above all, I know Angselius Rönn will deliver even better tomorrow!
— Lars Björk, CEO of Qlik

The dedicated professionals at Angselius Rönn offers business strategy and service and uses it extensive network to promote Wiminvest. Since I hired Angselius Rönn, we are regularly featured in media. Knowing that your PR firm and its representatives are passionate about us as a client builds the best kind of confidence. They demonstrate a clear understanding of our unique situation and helped us solidify our message and vision. Their professionalism and leadership is seamless. I can enthusiastically recommend Angselius Rönn without hesitation, and will certainly partner with them again on future projects.
— Sofia Falk, CEO of Wiminvest

Angselius Rönn is extremely creative and proactive, with an excellent network. The team delivers a consistently high level of quality coverage and is hard working and energetic. We work very closely with them and they are very much part of the in-house team. I would recommend them to anyone considering appointing a strong, media savvy consumer agency that always delivers top results.
— David Malmberg, MD of WonderCruises